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Backcountry Horsemen - Sequoia Unit

P.O. BOX 456, Springville, California 93265

Hope to see ya on the trail!

Welcome to the BCHC Sequoia Unit!

Our monthly meetings often include a special speaker or program for the enjoyment and education of those in attendance. A few times a year a special general meeting might be combined with a ride and potluck meal.

Our membership of about 150 includes backcountry packers, trail riders, families, etc.

Our Unit mailing address and contact information for our officers are on the Contact Us page.

Learn about the background of BCHC and the Sequoia Unit on the History page. Also visit the memorial page for Charlie Morgan.

Learn more about us in the Sequoia Unit's bi-monthly newsletter!  

You can see the scheduled events on the Events page.

Online discussion of various topics of interest to backcountry riders and horse owners is available on the Forum. This Forum includes the option to share photos of your ride, etc. Join and get information as fast as it is available!

BCHC Sequoia Unit has a Facebook page. Please visit!

Join the Backcountry Horsemen of California, Sequoia Unit! You do not need to be a backcountry packer to join and participate. There is a copy of an application in every newsletter. Print the form, fill it out per the instructions, and mail it. (More information on the Join BCHC page.)

The Sequoia Unit is a Central California unit of the Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC). The Sequoia Unit has a general meeting  on the third Wednesday of each month at 7p.m. Our Unit operates in Tulare County, in the foothills of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sequoia National Forest and numerous other national parks and forests are at our back door.

The Sequoia Unit yearly calendar is planned with the gentle use and enjoyment of the backcountry as a primary goal, and fun family days for local events.

See the Sequoia Unit events calendar in our Newsletter, and see some photos on our Scrapbook page.

Below are a few examples of Sequoia Unit events:

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